Do you remember far enough back to the 50’s, 6o’s and 70’s where Passenger flight was deemed to be a pure luxury, I unfortunately don’t though looking at the photo’s I can say that I was really surprised as to the level of freedom.

If you were lucky enough to afford such a excursion this would have been a real treat, during the 50’s in first class you would often find a chef on board who was only to happy to serve you at your seat.

Front line staff were very proud to wear their Airlines uniform and it was known as a very glamorous job.

Take a look at what ‘Upper Class’ on a 747 in the 70’s looked like, Virgin Atlantic and Aer Lingus should take note, Where would you see such freedom today ?

Today ‘First Class’ is very different to the above photo, less freedom with more seats packed through the aircraft and we all pay an absolute mint for the privilege.

This is what Economy used to look like in the ‘Good old days’ Look how much leg room they have and how spacious the seats are…

Today Economy is a struggle for many passengers due to their size and the cramped seating positions are a recipe for vein thrombosis…

It has been suggested that in the future we will see ‘Stand Up Seats’ on certain aircrafts, for sure the airlines seem to only care about their bottom line and this is clear when from the moment you board until you disembark, how times have changed.