Anna Barden Finance Director

As a young leader of Emerald Freight Express, I’m someone who has plenty of drive and passion for what I do, since taking over as CEO of Emerald I have been lucky in that our economy has been strong, now however, the test will begin and I relish that challenge.

Truth be told I’m surrounded by the best team any leader could ask for, I know I’m not an expert in all fields of business, that’s why I rely on my strong team for their expertise.

The reason for this post is to give Kudos to a very important part of the team, a fellow director and partner Anna Barden, Anna is the Finance Director at Emerald and she has been so committed not just finance related but general safety of all employees through this pandemic. Everyone likes to give kudos to the sales team but it’s not often you highlight the super work that goes on within your accounts department.

Thank you Anna, I wouldn’t want to go into battle with anyone else by my side