As our leader graced our televisions on Friday the 1st May , with the advice of a further two weeks of lockdown, a reminder that this fight is far from over, the Emerald Team were hard at work into the early hours ensuring our Frontline workers received the urgent PPE material they require to keep them safe throughout their day to day operations.

With precision planning and execution the team swung into action as the Etihad Charter plane touched down at Dublin Airport, firstly looking after the customs formalities and then loading our trucks for distribution. Emerald Freight are so proud to assist Roqu Group and the HSE and delighted that as a leading “Irish” Independent logistics provider that they entrusted us to look after their requirements.

A big shout out to the Emerald Team which consisted of Ms Liliana Pytel on customs duties, on the ground operations we had Gareth Condron, Damian Campbell, Andrius Strigunas and Joe Grimes.

I would personally like to thank this team for constantly exceeding customer expectations, PEOPLE PASSION PERFORMANCE..

Thank you guys.