Our Financial Controller Mrs Anna Barden has signed Emerald Freight Express up for this fitness challenge run by the Irish Life Health , We are all looking forward and preparing for the Workplace Fitness Challenge starting on 22nd May 2017. This will be great fun for all involved and hopefully with us all supporting each other we gain good results all round.

About the Challenge

Unfortunately at this moment in time we’re not the healthiest nation and yet surprisingly we think we are. We often claim we’re in good health and getting sufficient exercise and yet the reality is we’re not. For those that do want to become more active, the barrier most frequently referenced is “being too busy at work”.
Developed by Irish Life Health in conjunction with Professor Niall Moyna and Dr. Sarah Kelly from DCU, the challenge is a six week programme where everybody, regardless of current fitness level, can improve their level of fitness through simple, attainable adjustments to their lifestyle. Whether that’s taking the stairs instead of the lift or going for that lunchtime walk.

When does the Challenge start?

The Irish Life Health Workplace Fitness Challenge lasts for 6 weeks, starting on 22nd May 2017 and ending on 30th June 2017.

What is your MET?

A MET is a simple yet effective means of expressing your cardiovascular fitness level. The higher your MET capacity or your MET score, the fitter you are.
1 MET is defined as your resting metabolic rate that is the amount of oxygen that your body uses at rest while sitting quietly in a chair. As such, if your maximal MET score is 9.5, this means that you are able to exercise at 9.5 times your resting level.
Your ideal MET score will depend on your gender and age. For individuals over the age of 18, it is recommended that you have a MET score of at least 10.

Why get involved?

  • Firstly… it’s fun! Company related challenges reap positive rewards through boosting morale, productivity and employee engagement.
  • It’s an all inclusive programme where there is something in it for everyone!! Whether you’re a seasoned athlete with a high MET, or just need to get fitter, everyone can participate in the Irish Life Health Workplace Fitness Challenge!
  • It’s free to participate. The challenge costs nothing, only a commitment from participating companies to appoint a challenge ambassador to motivate employees and keep them informed throughout the 6 week programme. Also, it requires a commitment from participating employees to Move their MET, through adopting a more physically active lifestyle.